automatic differentiation

Scalable Automatic Differentiation of Multiple Parallel Paradigms through Compiler Augmentation

Composable automatic differentiation of parallel programming paradigms at the compiler level. Published at SC'22.
1 min read

Enzyme - High-Performance Automatic Differentiation of LLVM

LLVM-CTH - The Third Workshop on LLVM Compiler and Tools for HPC held in conjunction with ISC-HPC
0 min read

Automated Batching and Differentiation of Scalar Code in Enzyme

European LLVM Developers' Meeting
1 min read

An Introduction to Enzyme

Origins Data Science Laboratory, Max Planck Society
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Reverse-Mode Automatic Differentiation and Optimization of GPU Kernels via Enzyme

First general automatic differentiation of CUDA & ROCm kernels on the LLVM-level. Published at SC'21.
1 min read